How to Watch WNBA On Shield TV | Free and Premium (2024)

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn about how to watch WNBA on Shield TV or Android TV.

The WNBA or Women’s National Basketball Association is a professional league of the United States that comprises 12 teams. Though the tournament was founded way back in 1996, it has recently got a lot of recognition because now people can easily watch all live matches from their homes.

You can now enjoy WNBA matches live on your Shield TV device. The regular season of the league is played from May to September every year and the All-Star game is played in mid-July. The channels that show WNBA matches in the US include ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, NBATV, CBS, and CBS Sports.

3 Methods To Watch Live WNBA On Shield TV

Below are the three different methods that you can use to watch WNBA Live on your Shield TV. Have a look:

For streaming live WNBA on Shield TV using free methods, we strictly recommend using a VPN on your NVIDIA Shield TV.

Our Recommended VPN – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our top choice which works seamlessly from anywhere on your Shield TV and has lightning-quick connectivity that helps you provide a better streaming experience.

Get ExpressVPN today so you can enjoy 3 extra months free. It also offers a 30-day refund policy and at the same time, you can connect 5 devices with a single subscription.

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Watch Live WNBA On Shield TV Using Puffin TV Browser

The first free method that we are going to show you is the browser method. It involves the use of the Puffin TV Browser to live stream WNBA sports for free from anywhere across the world.

Before you start, we would recommend that you must install and use ExpressVPN on your Shield device. This is because the WNBA matches will be played live and for free.

Follow the steps

Step 1: From the home screen of the NVIDIA Shield TV go to the Google Play Store app 


Step 2: Move to the Search icon  


Step 3: Click on the Search bar, enter the Puffin TV browser and then click it


Step 4: Hit the Install button 


Step 5: Wait for some time as the app is getting installed


Step 6: Now press Open 


Step 7: Puffin TV browser is launching now


Step 8: This is the interface of the Puffin TV browser open in front of your screen


Step 9: Go to the Search bar of the browser


Step 10: Enter the URL OR in the URL bar and then press Go


Step 11: Search the Basketball icon and press it


Step 12: Choose the match that you want to stream


Still, if you see a notification asking you to use a VPN, then you must change the VPN server to another US location and try again.

Try ExpressVPN

Watch Live WNBA On Shield TV Using Lepto Sports App

Another free method that we recommend you to use is the Lepto Sports app method which allows you to watch live WNBA on your Shield device. Below are the steps you must follow to install the app:

Step 1: Go to the home screen of the Shield TV device and open the Google Play Store app 


Step 2: The home screen of the Google Play Store will open in front of you  


Step 3: Move to the Search icon above  


Step 4: A Search bar will open, write Downloader in it and then press



Step 5: Now open the install option 


Step 6: Wait for a while for the app to install completely


Step 7: Now hit Open 


Step 8: Click on Allow when the message pops on your screen asking for your permission to access your data


Step 9: Choose OK for the Quick Start Guide  


Step 10: Again open the homepage of  Downloader and then open the Settings option to change a few settings


Step 11: Click on the Device Preferences icon


Step 12: Now select Security & restrictions option


Step 13: Press the Unknown sources option


Step 14:  Again move to the settings icon and enable Downloader 


Step 15:  Move back to the previous page and Disable the Verify Apps  


Step 16: Again go to the homepage of Shield TV and press Downloader  


Step 17: The home screen of the Downloader app is open now 


Step 18: Enter the URL by using the onscreen keyboard and then press Go


Step 19: Click on Install and then Open the app. From the interface of the Lepto Sports app, select WNBA Live


Step 20: WNBA sports is live streaming for you


Try ExpressVPN

Watch Live WNBA On Shield TV Using Premium Apps

Apart from the aforementioned free methods, you can also watch live WNBA games by using premium methods. You can either get a subscription to YouTube TV, fubo TV, or Sling TV. They all are capable of streaming your WNBA matches live on your Shield TV.

We recommend you to use YouTube TV to watch WNBA live because it is quite more economical than the other two options.

Follow these steps to know how you can watch your matches live on YouTube TV:

Step 1: Open the Home of your Shield TV and go to the Search bar



Step 2: Enter YouTube TV and then click it


Step 3: Now select the YouTube TV app


Step 4: Click on Get OR Download


Step 5: Press Open


Step 6: Now choose the Try it free option to get a 5-day free trial


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Other Live Sports To Stream On Shield TV

If you are also interested in other sports then we have made you a list of some of the popular sports that you can watch on your Shield TV. Let’s check out the other live sports:


Why does the WNBA use a smaller ball?

Interestingly, female basketball players like shooting the ball from a long distance than their male counterparts. Not only this, but the women also usually have precise control of the ball while shooting. This is the reason why the WNBA used a smaller and lighter basketball. This step was taken to make women’s basketball more intriguing to the viewers.

What is the cost of the WNBA League Pass?

The WNBA League Pass is available for $24.99. The service allows the fans to have access to every team’s games. Moreover, the League Pass also includes multi-game viewing, so fans don’t miss a single moment of the game.


WNBA is the Women’s National Basketball Association that started in the mid-90s. The league has got 12 teams that play the regular season from May to September each year. 

We have discussed three different methods to stream live WNBA matches on Shield TV free and premium, It’s up to you which one you prefer. 

So get ready to witness the interesting WNBA matches live on your Shield TV.  Keep this thing in your mind the league is officially played only in the US so if you want to stream it from outside the US for free then you must use ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restriction if you are facing one.

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