How to Watch MLB on Shield TV (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch Major League Baseball on Shield TV & Android TV.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Season 2022 is scheduled to be started on 7th April 2022 and will continue in till October 2022. The Atlanta Braves will be defending their championship title

It is the most popular and oldest professional league in the US and Canada. The Major League Baseball Association has signed the deal for Official Broadcasting of this main event with ESPN, Fox, and TBS networks.

Stay on top of the game with the latest scores, stats, and news of the MLB with this guide. We have discussed the premium and free methods to watch MLB games on Shield TV.

3 Ways to Watch MLB on Shield TV

We will discuss three methods to watch live MLB on Shield TV. These methods are given below:

  1. Watch MLB on Shield TV using Browser (Free Method)
  2. Watch MLB using Lepto Sports App (Free Method)
  3. Watch MLB using Premium Services

Since two of the methods are free, so it is strictly recommended you use a VPN on your NVIDIA Shield TV to hide your online activity from ISPs.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN as it completely hides your IP address and keeps your online identity anonymous when you watch MLB on Shield TV for free.

Buy ExpressVPN and you can get 3 extra months for free. Apart from that, you can get a terrific deal of a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also works on 5 simultaneous devices with only a single account.

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Watch MLB on Shield TV using Internet Browser

The first method that we are using to watch live MLB on NVIDIA Shield TV requires an Internet browser. We are using PuffinTV-Browser here as it works great on Shield TV.

You must keep in mind that streaming free on Shield TV may cause legal issues if you’re in a first-world country, so make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on Shield TV for safe and secure streaming.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app on your Shield TV Home


Step 2: Click the Search icon


Step 3: Now click on to the Search bar


Step 4: Enter Puffin TV browser in the search bar and hit Search


Step 5: Press the Install option


Step 6: Wait till the app is installed completely 


Step 7: Select Open


Step 8: The Puffin TV browser will now be launched


Step 9: This is the interface of the browser 


Step 10: Move on to the Search icon 


Step 11: Enter the URL OR and hit Search


Step 12: USTVGO website is open now


Step 13: Go to the Sports section from the menu bar on top


Step 14: Select MLB option 


Step 15: Start streaming!


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Watch MLB Live on Shield TV using Lepto Sports App

The second method that is used to watch live MLB on Shield TV is by a sports app called Lepto Sports. This app is not available on the Official App Store, so we have to sideload it with the help of the Downloader App:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store


Step 2: Open the Search icon


Step 3: Go to the Search bar


Step 4: Type Downloader in the search bar and hit search


Step 5: Select the Install icon


Step 6: Wait for the app to install completely download


Step 7: Chose Open


Step 8: Click Allow to give the Downloader app access to your data


Step 9: Press OK 


Step 10: Now go back to the NVIDIA Shield home screen and select the Settings option


Step 11: Click on the Device Preferences option


Step 12: Go down to the Security & Restrictions


Step 13: Now select Unknown Sources


Step 14: Enable Downloader 


Step 15: Go back to the Security & Restrictions option and disable the Verify Apps 


Step 16: Open the Downloader app from the home screen


Step 17: This is the home screen of the Downloader 


Step 18: Enter this URL “ in the search bar and click Go


Step 19: Choose Install 


Step 20: Wait till the app is completely installed


Step 21: Select Open


Step 22: Click Delete to remove the APK file to create some space 


Step 23: Confirm by pressing on Delete again


Step 24: This is the interface of the Lepto Sports app. Choose a match from the list and enjoy streaming!


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Watch MLB Live on Shield TV with Premium Services

Some of the top quality Premium Streaming apps that allows you to watch MLB Live are given below:

1. YouTube TV

watch-MLB-with-youtube tv

YouTube TV is a prominent live TV service provider that proposes live and on-demand content. It also provides an option to watch MLB on Shield TV. The cost of this live TV service is around $64.99/month and provides more than 85 channels and unlimited DVR.

YouTube TV is a reasonable choice for cord-cutters who want to get rid of cable. The service comes up with a 7 day free trial for its new users and gives 3 connections with simultaneous devices in the basic package. Some of the popular channels you can watch on it include ESPN, TNT, MTV, Comedy Central, CNN, Fox News, HGTV, CBS, NBC, and many others.

2. Sling

watch-MLB-with-sling tv

Sling is an IPTV service that can be a solid choice for MLB fans who are fed up with expensive cable packages. It has got two distinct plans,  one is the “Sling Orange” and the other is “Sling Blue”. Both of them have a reasonable price of $35/month and show over 30 channels and limited DVR.

Watch your favorite news and entertainment media content through “Sling Blue”. Whereas, users can watch sports and family channels on the “Sling Orange” plan. Sling has introduced a 3 day free trial for its new customers. Users can get 3 connections by using “Sling Blue”. On the other hand, the “Sling Orange” plan offers only a single connection.

Some of the popular channels by this service are ESPN, A&E, History, CNN, Fox News, NFL Network, FS1, Discovery, Lifetime, and others.

3. Hulu Live TV


Although Hulu Live TV is best known for its VOD service, it also offers a live TV service. You can also have access to MLB sports by using the service. The live TV provider has a cost of $64.99/month for over 65 channels. Moreover, users can also get benefited from 50 hours of limited DVR storage.

If you are a new user then you can enjoy 7 days free trial. You can only connect 2 simultaneous devices with its basic package. The majority of the channels cost around $64.99/month, only channels like Hulu Live TV, ESPN+, and Disney+ bundle have a high cost of $72.99/month. Popular channels of the service include CBS, CNN, ESPN, Lifetime, HGTV, FX, USA, TruTV, TNT, TLC, and others.

MLB Season 2022

MLB season for the year 2022 has kicked off with a total of 30 teams who will play in Major League Baseball. Out of these 30 teams, 15 will play in the National League (NL) and 15 in the American League (AL). 

Whereas, 29 of these teams are in the United States and 1 in Canada. Let’s have a look at the upcoming fixtures of MLB:

S. No Matches Date US Timing
1 Rangers vs Marlins 09/12 1:10 pm
2 Angels vs Guardians 09/12 6:10 pm
3 Pirates vs Reds 09/12 6:40 pm
4 Astros vs Tigers 09/12 6:40 pm
5 Rays vs Blue Jays 09/12 7:07 pm
6 Ranger vs Marlins 09/12 7:10 pm
7 Cubs vs Mets 09/12 7:10 pm
8 Dodgers vs Diamondbacks 09/12 9:40 pm
9 Braves vs Giants 09/12 9:45 pm
10 Pirates vs Reds 09/13 12:35 pm
11 Rays vs Blue Jays 09/13 1:07 pm
12 Angels Guardians 09/13 6:10 pm
13 Pirates vs Reds 09/13 6:40 pm
14 Phillies vs Marlins 09/13 6:40 pm
15 Astros vs Tigers 09/13 6:40 pm
16 Orioles vs Nationals 09/13 7:05 pm
17 Rays vs Blye Jays 09/13 7:07 pm
18 Yankees vs Red Sox 09/13 7:10 pm
19 Cubs vs Mets 09/13 7:10 pm

Watch Alternative Sports on Shield TV

Along with MLB, you can also watch some of the other live sports on your NVIDIA Shield TV:

FAQs – MLB on Shield TV

How to watch MLB games for free?

You can watch free MLB games on Youtube. Use any device like MLB’s YouTube channel, the free YouTube app, or YouTube TV.

Can I watch MLB Network without cable?

You can easily watch the MLB network without a cable now. These streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV STREAM are among the best in the market for live streaming of MLB sport. 

Does Hulu have MLB?

Major League Baseball is the oldest professional sports league that is played in the USA. You can easily find MLB games on Hulu Live TV. However, you can also find some MLB games available on national broadcasting networks. These networks include ESPN, FOX Sports, and TBS.


MLB is a great and most popular sport in the United States and Canada, Fans love to watch MLB and support their favorite teams.

You can watch MLB on your Shield TV by using a third-party app or website. Many of these sites and services offer free access to MLB.

As the legal status of these apps or their copyright liabilities are unknown, it is best to take due caution when using any of such apps to watch MLB on NVIDIA Shield TV. Use a quality VPN service such as ExpressVPN to avoid any such privacy issues. 

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