How to Watch UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV & Android TV.

Some of the greatest UFC events are happening almost every week so don’t miss the opportunity to watch UFC matches live on your Shield TV for free with the help of this guide. 

To start off, we have Santos vs Ankalaev (Fight Night), Volkov vs Aspinall (Fight Night), Blaydes vs Daukus (Fight Night), and Volkanovski vs TKZ (UFC 273).

I have discussed the free method with which you can watch UFC PPV matches for free. Having said that, it is strictly advised that you use a VPN on Shield TV to hide your streaming activity from your ISPs.

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We recommend using ExpressVPN for free live streaming on NVIDIA Shield TV because it conceals your IP address while showing free UFC PPV matches.

Get yourself ExpressVPN today and enjoy 3 extra months for free. Along with an impressive proposal of a 30-day money-back guarantee, it also works on 5 simultaneous devices with a sole account.

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How to Watch UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV

We will be using the browser method to watch UFC on Shield TV. Puffin TV browser is excellent for browsing the internet because of its smooth interface. 

Before streaming anything, make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on Shield TV for safe and secure streaming. Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store


Step 2: Select the Search icon on the top right corner and click


Step 3: Type Puffin TV browser on the search bar 


Step 4: Click Install 


Step 5: Wait till the browser is installed completely 


Step 6: Now click Open


Step 7: You are now watching the starting display of the Puffin TV browser


Step 8: Before you start browsing your Puffin TV browser, make sure to connect to the VPN. Connect ExpressVPN to your device


Step 9: Click on the power button to turn it from red to green


Step 10: Now open the Puffin TV browser once again


Step 11: The Puffin TV browser interface is open now. Click where ‘Search or type URL’ is written


Step 12: Enter this URL and click Search


Step 13: You can now stream live to your specific UFC fight


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UFC Fights 2020 Schedule

Take a look at the upcoming UFC fights for the year 2022:

Fights Date Time
UFC Fight night:          

Hermansson vs 


Feb 6         2:00 AM
UFC 271:

Adesanya vs                

Whittaker 2

Feb 13              4:00 AM
UFC Fight Night:

Dos Anjos vs Fiziev     

Feb 20         2:00 AM
UFC Fight Night:

Dariush vs Makhachev

Feb 27       2:00 AM
UFC 272: 

Covington vs Masvidal

Mar 6         4:15 AM
UFC Fight Night:            

Santos vs Ankalaev

Mar 13     2:00 AM
UFC Fight Night:           

Volkov vs Aspinall

Mar 19     10:00 PM
UFC Fight Night:            

Blachowicz vs Rakic

UFC 276        

Mar 27  

Jul 3      

    4:00 AM

 3:15 AM

What Other Sports to Watch on NVIDIA Shield TV?

Do you love sports? Then check out further for more exciting sports streaming live on NVIDIA Shield TV. We are providing you with a list of some popular sports:

We strongly advise that if you want to watch these sports for free then use a VPN service. It will help you mask your identity and help you enjoy free streaming of your favorite UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV anonymously.

Is UFC a real game?

Some people don’t believe that just as the WWE fights are scripted and played just for entertainment the UFC fighting is also pre-planned. Although both fights are played by professionals, very few people know the exact difference between them. Unlike pro wrestling, UFC fights are not fake.

What is not allowed in UFC?

Though UFC fights are fierce, still certain rules are followed strictly in the game. Like fighters cannot outstretch their fingers towards their opponent’s eyes or face. Clawing, pinching, twirling the flesh is not allowed in the fight.

You cannot kick or hurt the head of your opponent with your knee if he is knocked down. Apart from that, you cannot stomp your competitor on the ground during a fight.

Is headbutting allowed in UFC?

Headbutts were once valid in UFC fights but have now been termed illegal by nearly all MMA organizations. This change is brought because these headbutts can inflict cuts. It can cause disqualification or a no-contest.


UFC fights are becoming more thrilling as the year starts. Watch the complete season of UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV with the method discussed above. We have mentioned the complete schedule of fights. We hope your favorite fighter is included in the list.

For watching UFC on NVIDIA Shield TV and many other sports you have to download the Puffin TV browser which provides outstanding internet browsing. By following the above-mentioned steps you can stream the UFC fights smoothly and efficiently.

Before you start, keep in mind to download and install ExpressVPN and enjoy free streaming with the methods narrated above. ExpressVPN can go up to 83 Mbps out of 100 Mbps network speed. Enjoy unlimited streaming without any buffering.

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