How To Watch Formula 1 On Shield TV (2024)

In this step-by-step guide, we have described in detail how you can watch Formula 1 on Shield TV or Android TV.

Enter the world of speed by watching the thrilling Formula 1 sports on your Shield TV device. The ongoing 2022 season of Formula 1 has witnessed many exciting tournaments and some are yet to come.

Get updated on the latest F1 news by following the highlights, GP results, expert commentary, and streaming live Formula 1 races on your device. 

2 Methods To Watch Formula 1 On Shield TV

We will discuss two distinct ways for you to watch Formula 1 on your Shield device. These methods are:

Since it is always safe to use a VPN service, especially with the free methods, we strictly advise you to use a VPN on your Shield device to mask your online identity and avoid all the geo-blocking

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ExpressVPN is is our top selection as a VPN service as by using it you can make your online streaming unverified. It will hide your original IP address and provide you with a fake one. It does so by changing your original IP address. The VPN also enables you to unblock geo-restrictions if any

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Watch Formula 1 On Shield TV Using Puffin TV Browser

Let’s start with the first method that we are going to use to watch Formula 1 on a Shield device which involves the use of the Puffin TV Browser. We can use this method on any kind of device that contains a web browser.

But first thing first, you must install and use ExpressVPN on Shield TV before streaming Formula 1 sport on it. This is because the channel that we are going to use is free to watch and has a geo-restriction outside of the US.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: After you open the home screen of the NVIDIA Shield TV, press on the Google Play Store app

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-1

Step 2: Click on the Search icon above

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-2

Step 3: Move to the Search bar, enter the Puffin TV browser, and press 

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-3

Step 4: Press the Install button that pops on your screen

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-4

Step 5: Wait for a while as the app is installing

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-5

Step 6: Now hit the Open option

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-6

Step 7: Puffin TV browser starts launching

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-7

Step 8: Now you can see the interface of the Puffin TV browser 

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-8

Step 9: Go to the Search bar of the Puffin TV browser

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-9

Step 10: Put the URL OR OR and press Go

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-10

Step 11: Now press the racing tab and select Formula 1 Race

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-11

Step 12: Press the available link and your streaming will start

how-to-watch-formula 1-on-shield-tv-using-puffin-tv-browser-12

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Watch Formula 1 On Shield TV Using Lepto Sports App

You can also watch live and free Formula 1 on Shield TV using the Lepto Sports app. The app is quite user-friendly and simple to install but since it’s free we strictly advise you to use a strong VPN connection like ExpressVPN.

Follow these steps to know the steps of installing the Lepto Sports app on Shield TV:

Step 1: Go to the home screen of Shield TV and open Google Play Store app 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-1

Step 2: The home screen of the Google Play Store will open 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-2

Step 3: Press the Search icon on the top

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-3

Step 4: Go to the Search bar, write Downloader and then press

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-4

Step 5: Choose the install button

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-5

Step 6: Wait as the app is getting installed 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-6

Step 7: Now click on Open 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-7

Step 8: Press Allow as the message appears on your screen asking for access to your data

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-8

Step 9: Select OK for the Quick Start Guide  

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-9

Step 10: Again move to the homepage of the Downloader and press the settings option to change a few settings

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-10

Step 11: Move to the Device Preferences option

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-11

Step 12: Now press Security & Restrictions 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-12

Step 13: Move down to Unknown sources 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-13

Step 14:  Go to the settings to enable Downloader 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-14

Step 15:  Move back to the previous page and Disable the Verify apps 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-15

Step 16: Again go to the homepage of Shield TV and choose Downloader  

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-16

Step 17: The home screen of the Downloader app will open 

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-17

Step 18: Put the URL in the Search bar and hit Go

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-18

Step 19: Press Install when the app is downloaded. Click Open and the app and then select Formula 1 from the list and then start streaming

how-to-watch-formula 1-using-lepto-sports-app-19

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Formula 1 Schedule 2022

Date Race Course Time
Jul 1 – 3 Lenovo British GP Silverstone Circuit TBC
Jul 8 – 10 Rolex Australian GP Red Bull Ring TBC
Jul 22 – 24 Lenovo French GP Circuit Paul Ricard TBC
Jul 29 – 31 Aramco Hungarian GP Hungaroring TBC
Aug 26 – 28 Rolex Belgian GP Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps TBC
Sep 2 – 4 Heineken Dutch GP Circuit Park Zandvoort TBC
Sep 9 – 11 Pirelli Italian GP Autodromo Nazionale Monza TBC
Sep 23 – 25 VTB Russian GP Sochi Autodrom TBC
Sep 30 – Oct 2 Singapore Air Singapore GP Marina Bay Street Circuit TBC
Oct 7 – 9 Honda Japanese GP Suzuka International Racing Course TBC
Oct 21 – 23 Aramco United States GP Circuit of the Americas TBC
Oct 28 – 30 Mexico GP Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez TBC
Nov 11 – 13 Heineken Brazil GP Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace TBC
Nov 18 – 20 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi GP  Yas Marina Circuit TBC

Other Sports to Watch On Shield TV

Other than Formula 1, you can also watch tons of live sports on your Shield TV device, and that too for free. We have listed a few of them below:

FAQs- Formula 1

What does the name Formula 1 refer to?

The word formula in Formula 1 racing is referring to the set of rules which all athletes’ cars must obey. In the Formula 1 season, there are a series of races included which are also known as Grands Prix.

These races are organized all across the world on both purpose-built circuits and closed public roads.

How can you watch F1 free on Shield TV in the UK?

Sky Sports has got the official rights to stream all Formula 1 matches in the UK. Shield TV users can also use the Sky Go app through side loading. You can also opt for the other option which is using the NOW service.


If you love Grand Prix F1 races but are tired of your cable network then we are here to help. Forget your cable because now you can watch your favorite athletes race live on your Shield TV. You can stream the sport for free on your device by using two of our proposed methods.  

You can either stream it free by using the Lepto Sports app or use a web browser on your device. Both these methods are easy to use and accessible.

However, before you stream your content, make sure to use a VPN as the ESPN channel that shows F1 races has geo-restriction for viewers that live outside of the US.

Furthermore, a VPN will hide your original IP address and provide you with a new one to keep you anonymous. ExpressVPN is the best choice for this as it is fast and efficient.

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