How to Install Apollo IPTV on Shield TV | (2024)

How-to-install-Apollo-iptv-apk on-shield tv

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to know how to install Apollo IPTV on Shield TV.

Apollo IPTV is a simple yet one of the most efficient IPTV services that you can use to stream top-quality content. It offers over 1,000 HD channels, VOD options, five connections, a 10-day free trial, and much more for just $24.99 per month.

It provides over 1 Million a variety of Movies and TV Shows from different regions including Pay-per-views (PPV).  Apollo IPTV  requires an IPTV player to stream its content.

Apollo IPTV’s legal status is doubtful, so it is strictly recommended to use a VPN before you stream anything.

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How to Install Apollo IPTV on Shield TV

Apollo IPTV is unavailable on the Google App Store so you have to sideload the app through the Downloader App.

But before doing that, make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on your Shield TV as the service authentication is unclear and free streaming might cause you legal problems.

Follow these steps to install Apollo IPTV on Shield TV:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app on the home screen of the NVIDIA Shield TV 


Step 2: This is the homepage of the Google Play Store app  


Step 3: Click the Search icon on the top corner


Step 4:  Write Downloader in the search bar and press Search


Step 5: Press install 


Step 6: Wait for the app to install 


Step 7: Now select Open


Step 8: The Downloader will ask your permission to access your data. Press Allow 


Step 9: Choose Ok in the Quick Start Guide


Step 10: The home page of the Downloader app is open. Go to the settings icon to change a few settings.


Step 11: Click on Device Preferences 


Step 12: Move to the Security & restrictions option


Step 13: Now select Unknown sources 


Step 14: Enable Downloader


Step 15:  Disable the Verify apps from the previous page


Step 16: Go to the homepage of the NVIDIA TV and select Downloader  


Step 17: The home screen of the Downloader app is open now


Step 18: Enter the URL in the URL bar and press Go


Step 19: Click on download


Step 20:  Hit the Install option


Step 21:  Click on Done when the process completes


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How to Use Apollo IPTV on Shield TV

After the app is installed you can access the content and use its amazing features. However, it is essential to use ExpressVPN on your Shield TV device before streaming due to legal licensing issues.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Apollo TV


Step 2: Select the subscription plan of your choice


Step 3: If you already have an account then press Sign In. If not then go to Create account


Step 4: Enter your details and the payment method


Step 5: Apollo TV app is launching now


Step 6: Choose a suitable language and hit Next


Step 7: Customize the outlook of the app or just ignore and click Next


Step 8: Choose the player and then connect to your Trakt TV account


Step 9: This is the content suggestion of the app. You can choose or simply Skip


Step 10: Press Allow to give permission to the app to access your media


Step 11: Select any content and enjoy streaming through Apollo TV


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Features of Apollo IPTV

Let’s talk about some unique features of Apollo IPTV that makes it one of the best IPTV services. Below are some of its features:

  • You can integrate the Apollo IPTV app with Real-Debrid. In this way, you can have access to various streaming link sources that other apps can’t access.
  • The service offers a smooth and seamless streaming experience that is usually lacking in a majority of the other streaming apps out there.
  • Another reason why Apollo TV is so loved is that it provides a clean and user-friendly interface. Moreover, while using the app you can also customize or change your preferences according to your own liking. 
  • Stay up-to-date on the newest movies and shows by using Apollo TV. The developers always try to update the app with the latest titles.
  • Apollo IPTV has the ability to add channels to Favorites, a feature that many Live TV services don’t have.
  • Apollo also accepts Bitcoin and Credit/Debit for payment purposes.
  • It offers customer support service via email, discord, and telegram.
  • The service also provides subtitles in several languages. So, you can enjoy the content in your own language.

A list of TV channels includes:

  • Animal Planet HD
  • Current Time HD
  • Epic Drama HD
  • MTV 00s
  • Nickelodeon
  • UA TV
  • Stingray C Music TV
  • MTV Hits
  • love nature HD

Apollo IPTV – Prices

Apollo Group TV has four distinct subscription plans and there is also a 10-day free trial for its new users. For each plan, you can have five simultaneous connections that you can stream up to five devices at once. Apart from that the service also offers 5,000 advert-free movies and TV shows. Apollo has flexible prices for all of its subscriptions. Have a look at the packages:

  • $24.99 for 30 days 
  • $51.99 for 90 days 
  • $89.99 for 180 days 
  • $159.99 for 365 days 

The best thing is, Apollo TV won’t automatically renew the service if the subscription comes to an end

Alternatives to Apollo IPTV

Apollo IPTV is among the top IPTV services. However, if there is any other service that is more suitable for you then you can have a look at our list given below: 

FAQs – Apollo IPTV

Why does my Apollo TV freeze?

Apollo TV may sometimes freeze and undergo buffering due to insufficient bandwidth or maybe a bug in the system. If you want to experience smooth running then it is best to use Wire Ethernet Cable only for your device.

Can you record shows on Apollo TV?

You can record your favorite shows. For that, you just attach your antenna, start scanning for channels, and anything that the tuners get you can record them easily from over the air. 

Is the Apollo app safe?

Apollo and its developers are quite keen on their customers’ privacy. The company assured that it won’t sell or rent any of its users’ data. The anonymous information that it collects is only to improve the app.


Apollo IPTV service is acknowledged worldwide as it provides content from around the world from over 1000 channels.

It offers four subscription plans from which you can select a suitable one for yourself. The content that you can stream on Apollo includes over 1 Million collections of movies, news, sports channels, live shows, and much more.

Since Apollo IPTV provides such a wide range of live TV channels and Video content and some content may have legal copyrights agreements, therefore, you must use ExpressVPN to secure your connection and avoid legal problems.

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