How To Watch Cooking Shows On Shield TV | (2024)


In this step-by-step guide, let’s learn about how you can watch cooking shows on Shield TV.

If you are a foodie and love to prepare your meals then you are living in the best time.

The contemporary cooking shows surely know the art to pull the audience with shows like Master Chef and Chef’s Table, you don’t need to be a cooking whiz to binge-watch their exciting episodes.

Learn the art of cooking and culinary design from the masters themselves. You can also watch your favorite cooking shows on your Shield TV device now.

Here we are using the Tubi TV app to stream various cooking shows for you. 

Since the app is only available in the US, therefore, it is strictly recommended to use a VPN on your NVIDIA Shield TV.

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How To Watch Cooking Shows On Shield TV

You can easily find all the cooking-related shows on Shield TV by using the Tubi TV App. Luckily the app is available on the Official App store. 

Just make sure to install and use ExpressVPN and connect to the US server, as the service is available in the US.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen of your Shield TV device, click on the Search icon and then go to the search bar


Step 2: Enter the words Tubi TV and press the search option 


Step 3: Now you can choose the option of Tubi TV from the appeared list


Step 4: Press on getting or Download


Step 5: Wait for it to completely download


Step 6: Press Open and start using Tubi TV right away as it is now successfully installed on your Shield TV


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Sign Up For Your Account On Tubi TV

If you already have an account on Tubi TV then you can start streaming your content right after installing the Tubi TV website. However, if you haven’t signed in yet then you need to make an account on Tubi TV to start the fun.

Follow the below-mentioned to Sign Up for an account on Tubi TV.

Step 1: The Tubi TV App will start launching. Now press on Search and More


Step 2: Now click on Sign In


Step 3: A code will appear that you must enter on another device like your laptop or smartphone, or tablet


Step 4: Go to the browser on your other device and then enter After that click on Register


Step 5: Provide the mandatory information and hit Register


Step 6: Now enter the previously provided code


Step 7: Press on Activate Device option


Congratulations! You are now registered to the Tubi TV app.

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How To Access And Use Tubi TV On Shield TV

After that the Tubi TV is installed on your Shield TV, you can move it to your home screen so that you can access it easily.

But before you start streaming your cooking show from the Tubi TV app on your device, don’t forget to install a quality VPN service. Since the app is only accessible to US users so if you are residing outside the country like the UK then you must connect to the UK server. 

Just follow these simple steps to know the process:

Step 1: Press the Home button of your Shield TV remote for 5 seconds and then click on the Apps


Step 2: Now press the Tubi TV icon to launch the application


Step 3: The interface of the Tubi TV app is open now. Go to the left side and you will find the Menu option


Step 4: Press on Categories to select Cooking shows


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Some Of The Best Cooking Shows

We have made you a list of some of the top-rated cooking shows that certainly need your attention especially when you are a food enthusiast who wants to experiment.

1. Chopped

We have added “Chopped” to our list because it is a popular themed show that was first on-aired in 2009. This show is a contest series that involves several cooking artists who face three rounds in total.

The interesting part of the show is that these culinary masters have to prepare complicated dishes from selective types of ingredients that are only disclosed at the time of the competition.

These secret ingredients may be something as simple as nuts and as complex and bizarre as  Mountain Oysters. After the completion of the meal, a panel of judges evaluates all the dishes prepared by the chefs and awards a cash prize of $10,000 to the winner.

The show has been a great hit throughout these years due to its mystery angle. Audiences love the uniqueness of the show and keep coming back to watch some of the best dishes being prepared. So far the show has completed 45 seasons.

2. Good Eats

This is another great cooking show that is aired on American television. Alton Brown has a different approach to hosting the culinary show as he tries to find out the science, food history, and technique used behind a particular dish.

 Brown believes that having the best food equipment in hand will make a massive difference. The show remained the third longest-running on Food Network from the year 1999 to 2011. The show has a total of 15 seasons and all its original series can be found on Food Network.

3. Ugly Delicious

Netflix’s cooking series “Ugly Delicious” is another unique show that is hosted by David Chang who tries to explore the cultural specificity of a dish. Another thing that cooking show viewers adore in this series is that the host travels to various countries.

This not only makes the show diverse in its domain but also finds out how different dishes of an area are reinterpreted by the people who live in that place. You can find both seasons of the show on Netflix now.

4. Hell’s Kitchen

This amazing American television cooking show has completed its 20 seasons. All these successful seasons are proof of how much loved this competition series is among the viewers. People love the presence of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as host of the show.

Two teams of chefs compete every season to get the job of head chef in a restaurant. However, the post is only available for the perfect magician of a chef, who can perform in intense pressure situations

We also agree that a great chef must have the guts to execute his recipes under pressure conditions. So what’s a better platform than “Hell’s Kitchen” for that?

5. Chef’s Table

From the title music to the show’s extraordinarily skilled chefs this show has everything that interests its viewers. People are thrilled not only because the show is beautifully visualized but the thing that most excites its viewers is the fact that so many talented chefs from around the world come here to participate.

Alternatives to Cooking show

I have listed some alternatives that you can watch and stream on Shield TV. These alternatives are:


If you are trying to find out ways to watch your favorite cooking shows on your Shield TV device then this guide has all the answers to your questions. You can now watch cooking shows by installing the Tubi TV app on your device.

Don’t forget to install and use a VPN connection before you stream your show on Shield TV because Tubi TV is only available in the US. Therefore, to reach the app from outside the US you must connect to the VPN.

For instance, if you are residing in the UK then you must connect to the US server. ExpressVPN is the best choice for this as it will remove all kinds of geo-restrictions.

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