How To Watch American Horror Stories On Shield TV | (2024)


In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn all about how to watch American Horror Stories on Shield TV or Android TV.

If you are a fan of the speculative fiction genre then you must check out the 2021 hit horror series known as the “American Horror Stories”. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are the creators of the show that premiered for FX on Hulu. 

The American Story media franchise has created this series as its third installment. Moreover, it is also a spin-off from American Horror Story. The recent news that has created a lot of buzz around the media is the upcoming second season of the series which is expected to premiere on July 21, 2022.

Two Ways To Watch American Horror Stories On Shield TV 

Let’s talk about the two different methods through which you can easily watch all the episodes of the season “American Horror Stories” on your Shield device. These methods are:

Since one of the methods is free, so it is strictly recommended to use a VPN on your NVIDIA Shield TV.

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Watch American Horror Stories On Shield TV Using Puffin TV Browser

First, we will discuss the free method to watch “American Horror Stories” on Shield TV that involves the use of the Puffin TV browser.

As the method involves a free VOD website, so you must install and use ExpressVPN to safe and secure streaming and avoid legal issues

Follow these steps to know how to use the browser method:

Step 1: From the home screen of your Shield TV, press the Google Play Store app 


Step 2: Click on the Search icon


Step 3: Enter Puffin TV browser in the search bar and press it


Step 4: Now select the Install tab 


Step 5: Wait for the app to completely install 


Step 6: Press Open now


Step 7: Puffin TV browser will start to launch


Step 8: The interface of the browser will open in front of your screen


Step 9: Click on the Search icon on the top


Step 10: Now enter the URL OR and press Go


Step 11: The interface of the website will open. You can select the “American Horror Story” season from here


Step 12: Now just click Play and your season will start streaming


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American Horror Stories Using Premium App

The second method that we are going to show you is the premium method and it involves installing Hulu APK on Shield TV. You will have to Sign up with Hulu for a subscription amount of $6.99 per month (with ads) and $12.99 per month (without ads).

We recommend this method to those who reside outside the US. But before you stream Hulu on your device, make sure to install and use ExpressVPN. The VPN will change your original IP address and connect you to the US server.

Follow the steps below to learn the process:

Step 1: Go to the home screen of NVIDIA Shield TV and open Google Play Store app 


Step 2: The home screen of the Google Play Store will open   


Step 3: Press the Search icon on the top  


Step 4: A Search bar will pop open, enter Downloader in it and then click


Step 5: Now press the install option 


Step 6: Wait for a second, the app is  getting installed


Step 7: Now click Open 


Step 8:  A message will appear on your screen asking for your approval to access your data. Press Allow to provide access


Step 9: Choose OK for the Quick Start Guide  


Step 10: Open the homepage of the Downloader app, go to the Settings option and change few of the settings


Step 11: Move to the Device Preferences icon


Step 12: Now select Security & restrictions icon


Step 13: Click the Unknown sources option


Step 14:  Go back to the settings option to enable Downloader 


Step 15:  Move to the previous page to Disable the Verify Apps  


Step 16: Once again go to the homepage of Shield TV and select Downloader  


Step 17: This is now the home screen of the Downloader app 


Step 18: Enter the URL and press GO


Step 19: Now hit the Download APK option


Step 20: The download process will start


Step 21: Press Install now 


Step 22: Select Done after the app is installed


Step 23: When the installation process ends, press Delete then Delete again


Step 24: Now connect to the US server of ExpressVPN to watch Hulu from anywhere


Step 25: Press the Home button on the remote for 5 seconds and select Apps when the option appears


Step 26: Press Open the Hulu app


Step 27: Hit Login or choose Free Trial


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Other Horror Shows To Watch On Shield TV

If you have watched all the episodes of “American Horror Stories” on your Shield device then you can also watch some other horror dramas. Have a look at the list below:

  • Bates Motel
  • The Returned
  • Darknet
  • Hannibal
  • Penny Dreadful

FAQs-American Horror Stories

What are some other ways to watch American horror stories season 2?

Other than the aforementioned methods,  you can also watch American Horror Stories season 2 with premium methods like fuboTV and Sling

What are the original networks that will air American Horror Stories season 2?

The season 2 of American horror stories will be broadcasted by FX on Hulu and you can also watch it internationally on Disney+.

What is the genre of American Horror Stories?

American Horror Stories is a horror and anthology drama that focuses on many supernatural activities and happenings.


“American Horror Stories” is a hit horror season of 2021 that showed a different story in each episode. You can see some of the finest actors in the series including Cameron Cowperthwaite, Matt Bomer, Celia Finkelstein, and many more.

You can easily watch the series on your Shield TV device. We have discussed two different methods through which you can stream all the episodes of the season on your device. The free method that we have discussed here involves the use of the Puffin TV browser.

Other than the free method you can also use the premium method that uses the Hulu app for streaming the episodes of the series. Before streaming “American Horror Stories” on your device, don’t forget to install and use ExpressVPN. The VPN will not only protect your online identity but also removes geo-restrictions. 


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