How to Install Mouse Toggle App on NVIDIA Shield TV | (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Mouse Toggle app on NVIDIA Shield TV & Android Box.

The Mouse Toggle app is a virtual mouse pointer that can be controlled with your Shield TV remote. There are times when apps (especially third-party apps) do not seem to function properly on your Android TV such as NVIDIA Shield TV.

One may need a mouse pointer in such situations to ensure the smooth functioning of their device. The mouse toggle app lets you use all features and access every application on the device of your choice.

How to Install Mouse Toggle App on NVIDIA Shield

Mouse Toggle App is available on the Play Store at $2.99. To download the free apk version of the app, you will have to use another app called Downloader.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store from the Home Screen of your NVIDIA Shield


Step 2: The Home Page of the Google Play Store will appear on the screen


Step 3: Click on the Search icon appearing at the top of the screen


Step 4: Type Downloader in the search bar


Step 5: Tap on the Install option


Step 6: Wait for the app to install


Step 7: Click on Open to get started


Step 8: Select the Allow option to give the app access to photos, media, and files


Step 9: Tap on OK when a Quick Start Guide Appears


Step 10: Go back to the Home Screen of your device and go to Settings


Step 11: Go to Device Preferences in General Settings


Step 12: Go to Security and restrictions


Step 13: Go to Unknown sources


Step 14: Enable the Downloader App


Step 15: Go back to Security and Restrictions and disable the Verify apps option


Step 16: Go back to the Home Screen of your Shield TV and open the Downloader App


Step 17: The Home Screen of the app will appear on your TV


Step 18: Type the following URL and hit Go


Step 19: The download process will start now. Wait for it to complete


Step 20: Once the download is complete, click Install


Step 21: The device will once again ask for your permission to install the app. Click on Install



Step 22: Wait while the app installs



Step 23: Now, click on Done



Step 24: Once again, go to the Settings from the Home Menu and select Device Preferences


Step 25: From there, go to Accessibility


Step 26: Select the Mouse Toggle App


Step 27: Enable the app


Step 28: The App is now enabled on your device


Step 29: You can now see and use the mouse pointer on your screen


How to Use Mouse Toggle App on NVIDIA Shield TV

After enabling the Mouse Toggle App on your NVIDIA Shield, you can use your TV remote to use the app. Use the D-pad of your remote to move the mouse pointer on your screen. Simply push up on the D-pad to get the mouse cursor moving on your screen.

Toggling between normal remote mode and mouse mode uses different combinations of buttons specific to the device:

  • On NVIDIA Shield remote (2015/2017), tap the volume player four times.
  • On NVIDIA Shield remote (2019), quickly tap the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button or simply press the Play/Pause button twice.

For the Google Nexus player, hit the Play/Pause button two times. For Mi Box S, quickly hit the Volume Up button and then the Volume down button. You can also press the Home key on your remote to toggle out of the mouse mode.

Features of Mouse Toggle App

This premium app available on the google play store costs $2.99. It has plenty of amazing features that make it worth all those bucks. Some of the features of the Mouse Toggle app include:

  • Your remote can be used as a mouse
  • Easy and smooth access to all features of your device
  • Functions similar to a regular mouse
  • Features like clicks, drag, long click, wheel down, and wheel up
  • Easy to switch between usual remote and mouse modes
  • The free APK version can be installed through the downloader app
  • The considerably large mouse pointer is easily visible from a reasonable distance

Why should Android Users Use Mouse Toggle Version 1.52 APK?

It is highly recommended for Android users such as those who own NVIDIA Shield to opt for the 1.52 APK version of Mouse Toggle. The Android TV 8 (Oreo) update resulted in some bugs in the Mouse Toggle App.

The same issue has been observed in many other apps too. The developers of the app came up with a solution to fix those bugs and created a 1.52 APK version of it.

FAQs – Mouse Toggle

Can you use a USB hub on Nvidia Shield?

NVIDIA Shield TV does support a USB hub.

Can you use the keyboard and mouse on GeForce now?

Geforce does support a Bluetooth gamepad. External mouse and keyboard can be connected to Geforce but users often face issues like jerky movements, double mouse cursor, and incorrect keyboard mappings.


Mouse Toggle App lets you access all the features of your device by providing a virtual mouse pointer. Follow the detailed guide in order to install and use the Mouse Toggle App on your NVIDIA Shield TV. 

Make sure you install the 1.52 apk version if you have an Android TV in order to avoid bugs in the app. There are other alternatives available to this app too.

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