How to Watch Top Documentaries on NVIDIA Shield TV | (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch top documentaries on NVIDIA Shield TV and Android  TV.

You can watch top documentaries from youtube, Vimeo, and other free sites through a website called Top Documentary Films. Top Documentary Films brings together the best of the documentaries from different sites and streaming services for its viewers to access them all in one place.

The site has media embedded from other sites. The content has been efficiently categorized according to the following genres: Crime, Religion, Conspiracy, Society, Nature, Media, and Biography. The documentaries can be sorted by time, vote, shares, title, as well as a rating. 

Not all of its content is available in the US. Most of the documenatries are restricted to certain countries. Therefore, it is advised to use a VPN on your FireStick device.

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How to Watch Top Documentaries on NVIDIA Shield TV

Top Documentary Films offers the bests of the documentaries on its website. To watch top documentaries on NVIDIA Shield TV, you will have to access the website through Puffin TV-Browser. Before you start streaming, make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on your NVIDIA Shield TV. This is a necessary measure when streaming content on free, or ad-supported websites.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen of your NVIDIA Shield and click on Play Store


Step 2: Click on the Search icon at the top-right corner


Step 3: Now type Puffin and click on the search option


Step 4: Press Install


Step 5: Wait for the Puffin TV-Browser to install


Step 6: Click Open


Step 7: This is the interface of the Puffin TV-Browser. Click on where it says ‘Search or Type URL’


Step 8: Paste the following URL and press Search


Step 9: The website of Top Documentary Films will open on your screen


Step 10: Select your desired documentary from the vast list and start streaming!


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Features of Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films started off as a one-man blog. The consistency of the content and the amazing features that this site offers for its audience turned it into an extremely loved and busy site with a monthly audience of around 1.5 million people every month. Some of the features that set this site apart from its competitors are:

  • A huge collection of free documentaries available from the public domain
  • Most documentaries are linked from YouTube directly
  • Freedom to the audience to express their non-political and non-religious views in the comment section, making it a platform that is open for discussion and constructive criticism.
  • A platform for independent documentary filmmakers to showcase their hard work.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free email alerts for new content when you subscribe to the site
  • No account or subscription is needed to watch the content on the site
  • More than 3,000 documentaries published on the site (most of them are full length), distributed among 25 different categories
  • New upload on the site every other day
  • The site does not host any audio/visual content it posts. All documentaries are embedded from sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, etc
  • It is a pro-DMCA website 

Before you start streaming your favorite documentaries on your NVIDIA Shield through TDF, make sure you have a reliable VPN service installed on your device. This ensures protection from any threats of data breach and maintains your online privacy over the web.

Alternatives to Top Documentary Films

If you can’t find your favorite documentary on TDF. We have made a list of many other free sites to watch documentaries. You will find these sites equally good as TDF. The top 4 documentary sites on our list are:

  1. Documentary Heaven
  2. Films for action
  3. Documentary24
  4. Popcornflix

Most free sites are ad-supported. Several third parties might be tracking you through ads. Make sure to install and use ExpressVPN before using any free site. Express VPN protects your online presence by changing your IP address and protecting your device from all sorts of threats that involve the leakage of your personal information.

5 Documentaries You Must Watch on Top Documentary Films

The website has a great collection of top 100 documentaries ranked by the viewers. We have extracted 5 of these non-fictional documentaries for you to binge-watch:

  • Square one

An investigative documentary about allegations made by Chandler,s family against Michael Jackson in 1993.

  • Fun to Imagine

The 1983 BBC television series was hosted by Richard Feynman who explained the role of physics in everyday life.


Edward Snowden, NSA analyst-turned whistleblower escapes from American authorities to Hong Kong

  • War by other means

This 1992 documentary shows John Pilger traveling to third-world countries to reveal the devastating impacts of debts from the World Bank and IMF.

  • Planet Ocean

Underwater cinematographers explore the unexplored bond between humanity and life under the sea.

FAQs-Top Documentaries

What are the 6 types of documentaries?

There are six different types of documentary—poetic, expository, reflexive, observational, performative, and participatory—each having distinct characteristics.

What is the best documentary channel?
Some of the best documentary channels include:
  • Vice
  • National Geographic
  • BBC News
  • Real Stories
  • The Guardian


You can watch top documentaries on N VIDIA Shield TV through a website called Top Documentary Films. The website can be accessed on Shield TV by means of the Puffin TV browser. TDF brings together documentaries from other sites like Youtube, Vimeo and, Dailymotion directly.

The website has plenty of amazing features. It provides its audience with a platform that is open to positive open discussion. The platform also supports independent documentary makers to showcase their work. The content is divided into several categories and can be sorted according to genres, ratings, and various other bases.

There are also other alternatives to the site available over the internet. As the site is totally free and ad-supported, it is highly recommended that you use a reliable VPN service to protect your device from all sorts of privacy threats.

We recommend ExpressVPN to our audience. The service is reasonably priced and has a very easy and simple user interface. Moreover, it has 3000 servers spread over more than 190 countries making it a global app.

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