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How To Watch Arte TV On Shield TV (2023)

In this step-by-step guide, you can learn about how to watch Arte TV on Shield TV or Android TV.

Arte TV is a Franco-German free-to-watch media streaming service that is available in both languages and subtitles. You can have access to plenty of shows on history, politics and society, culture, medicine, health, and sciences

The service has three members, France, Germany, and a European company, and more than 80% content is from France and Germany. The problem is, that Arte TV is only accessible to viewers in France & Germany.

This is a France-Germany-based service, so we strictly advise you to use a VPN on your Shield device to avoid all the geo-blocking.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended choice for a VPN service because it unblocks Arte TV in France and Germany quite easily and escapes its geo-restrictions. This will help you keep the anonymity of your online identity while streaming your content.

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How To Watch Arte TV On Shield TV

Arte TV is a free streaming service and the process of watching it on a Shield device is quite simple. You can access the service in the Play Anywhere App but not in the Amazon App Store.

Therefore, we are using the Puffin TV browser to stream its content from the Official Website of Arte TV. The streaming service is only limited to viewers residing in France and Germany so you must install and use ExpressVPN on your Shield TV.

This VPN connection will evade the geo-restriction for you to have easy access to the content of Arte TV. Follow these steps to know how you can install Arte TV:

Step 1: Go to the home screen of the NVIDIA Shield TV and open Google Play Store app 


Step 2: Click on the Search icon that appears on the top right corner


Step 3: Go to the Search bar, write Puffin TV browser and press  


Step 4: Click the Install button after that


Step 5: Wait for a while as the app is getting installed


Step 6: Now press Open 


Step 7: Puffin TV browser starts launching 


Step 8: The interface of the Puffin TV browser is open


Step 9: Go to the Search bar of the Puffin TV browser


Step 10: Type www.arte.tv/en/ in the URL bat and press Go


Step 11: The interface of the Arte TV Official Website will open


Step 12: Select your program to Play


Step 13: Enjoy your live streaming 


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Features Of Arte TV

Let’s discuss some amazing features of Arte TV that make it famous all around the world:

  • First and foremost, Arte TV is a free streaming service that is only available in France and Germany. However, people across the world can also access it by using a VPN connection.
  • You can enjoy your favorite documentaries, dramas, films, music, news, culture, history, science, and much more by using the service.
  • The content of Arte TV is shown in six different languages i.e (French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.)
  • It also comes up with an option for on-demand video content.
  • Your “MyARTE” space will allow you to continue watching videos from where you left them. All you have to do is to select your content and add it to your favorites to watch later.
  • Another great thing is, that you can easily watch ARTE programs offline by downloading your content using the download option.
  • What’s more exciting than watching a live concert. You can go to the categories section and enjoy the live concert and much more.

Shows You Can Watch On Arte TV

Arte TV offers you a wide variety of TV shows from history and health to culture and politics. Below we have discussed some of the best TV shows that you can stream on Arte TV:

  • Kosovo Youngster
  • Fracking Boom in Texas
  • Revitalizing the Earth
  • The Istanbul Underground
  • Mapping the World
  • In the Face of the Crime
  • The Odd Girl
  • China, The New Empire
  • Bad Banks
  • The Inside Game

Alternatives To Arte TV

Arte TV is best for those who want to watch the content of France and Germany and other European countries and their culture. We have also compiled for you some alternatives that will provide you with content similar to Arte TV. Have a look at these alternatives:

FAQs – Arte TV

Is ARTE TV legal to watch?

Arte TV is completely safe and legal to watch online content. The content provided by this channel has copyright restrictions outside Europe so you won’t be able to stream it without a VPN. Therefore we strictly advise you to use ExpressVPN with the service.

How can I watch ARTE in the USA?

Arte TV channel offers more than 400 programs that people can stream worldwide on Arte TV by using the English website. These shows include documentaries, investigative reports, concerts, and much more.

The channel is updated with the latest shows every week. But the thing is, there is geo-restriction on the channel and it is only available for viewers in Canada and France. To overcome this issue a reliable VPN connection like ExpressVPN is required. 

Is it free to watch the ARTE channel?

Yes, you can easily watch ARTE TV Channels and programs free of cost on their website and also on the official App. However, the service is unavailable outside France and Germany and cannot be accessed outside these countries without a VPN connection.

Does ARTE TV have English subtitles?

Plenty of ARTE programs are available with English subtitles on arte.tv/en website and app. You can also change the language of the Arte TV website by going to the top-right corner which shows a small downward arrow.


Arte TV is a popular streaming channel that shows content from France and Germany and all other Europe. You can enjoy free-of-cost documentaries, dramas, films, music, news, culture, history, science, and much more on the service.

80% of the channel’s content is from Germany and France while the other content is from Europe. Here we are using the browser method to watch Arte TV on a Shield device. 

However, don’t forget to install and use a decent VPN connection like ExpressVPN before streaming your content on Shield TV because Arte TV is only accessible in France and Germany. Therefore, to bypass the geo-restriction, a VPN connection is imperative.

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